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Are We Heading Towards A Property Market Meltdown?

Are We Heading Towards A Property Market Meltdown?
I'm 25, married, earning just over $62,000 a year, living in Auckland. In order for my wife and I to buy a property to live in, I would need a deposit of between $50,000 to $100,000. That alone is no small feat.  

In Trouble With Rental Properties - What To Do?

In Trouble With Rental Properties - What To Do?
I have purchased three rental properties (all in good areas) over the past three years. In each case I put in a 25 per cent cash deposit (saved by working weekends as long as I can remember) and borrowed the balance. The mortgages were amortised over 15 years.  

Should We Wait Before Buying A House?

My husband and I have saved a $120,000 deposit for a property. My husband is going to be returning to study for the next three years and so we will be a one-income family, on around $110,000.

Should We Use Savings To Pay The Mortgage Or Buy More Property?

Should We Use Savings To Pay The Mortgage Or Buy More Property?
My husband and I, in our 30s, both work for the government with combined income of $180,000 annually. But I am looking at going part-time later this year to start a family. That will reduce our pay to $120,000.

What Should We Do With Our Savings?

I am a 65-year-old immigrant, my wife is 59. Ten years ago we bought a property. On a realistic basis its value should be $360,000 to $380,000. My mortgage is $105,000.

Should I Get A Guarantor For A 90 - 100% Mortgage?

I made some silly decisions as a student and I am paying of the National Bank to the tune of 10K through Baycorp.

Should I Split My Mortgage?

I'm interested in ways to painlessly reduce mortgages. I'm aware of ways of structuring a home loan so that you can pay it off faster. In a scenario often postulated and oversold by mortgage brokers, you could in theory pay off your loan in 10 years instead of 25 years.

How Can I Minimise Mortgage Interest By Using Revolving Credit ?

I am a lawyer and I see many mortgages. Some years ago a client of mine brought in his broker to explain the how mortgage savings work.

Should We Pay Off The Mortgage On Our Rental Property?

We have kept an interest-only mortgage on our rental property on advice we received two years ago that it was better to keep the mortgage on a rental property to gain the tax breaks.

Is A No-Deposit Mortgage A Good Idea?

What do I need to know about no-deposit home loans?

Is It Better To Make Mortgage Payments Fortnightly Or Monthly?

Should I make fortnightly or monthly home loan payments?

Should I Add High-Interest Debt To My Mortgage?

Does it make sense to combine my debts?

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