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'Meaningful path' needed to ease tax burden

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The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the National Party to announce a meaningful plan to reduce New Zealanders' tax burden in its expected tax cut announcement this afternoon. Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says:

"Despite what the politicians will tell you, there is an easy way for the National to cut taxes and keep its surplus. John Key should take a scalpel to the waste in the government he manages."

"While riling against Helen Clark’s big spending policies, to date, all John Key has done is put a blue sticker on a red economy."

Under National:

the number of bureaucrats in Wellington is as high as it ever was under the last Labour Government;

Corporate welfare has exploded. Work by the Taxpayers’ Union shows that if National abandoned its program of corporate welfare, the company tax rate could be lowered from 28 to 22 per cent.

The big spending policies that to a large degree churn middle class taxpayers' cash, such as working for families and interest free student loans, have barely been touched.

"Currently, the public sector is 42 per cent of the economy. Surely Mr Key can redirect the lowest priority spending to give and health and education a boost, while allowing Kiwis to work more for themselves and less for the government."

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