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Struggling Kiwis know how tough it is - Labour

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Struggling Kiwis already know how tough it is Kiwis struggling to pay the bills each week won't be surprised to learn that food prices have increased 6.1 per cent in the year to April 2011, says Labour's Finance spokesperson David Cunliffe.

"Prices have increased right across the board," David Cunliffe said.

"A staple like milk has gone up 9.3 per cent. Spuds are up 30.9 per cent. Lamb chops are up 23.3 per cent. And lettuce has gone up a whopping 47.8 per cent.

"Until the Statistics Department information came out today, Kiwis might not have known the exact percentages, but they certainly know the reality of being able to put less and less in their supermarket trolleys each week," David Cunliffe said.

"No wonder some supermarkets are providing smaller trolleys these days! Groceries, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish have all skyrocketed in price.

"The Government doesn't seem to care. It has given thousands of dollars a week to its rich mates through unaffordable tax cuts, but is telling struggling Kiwis that 'nice to haves' are off the agenda, and that they should tighten their belts for even tougher times ahead.

"John Key and Bill English are completely out of touch with what's happening at the supermarket counter.

"Labour will remove all GST from fresh fruit and vegetables, and give all Kiwis a fairer tax system by making the first $5000 earned tax-free to help those on lower incomes particularly," David Cunliffe said.

"Our priority is helping those who most need a hand. John Key's priority is to give a hand-up to those who are already at the top looking down."

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