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Moroney: Children will suffer yet again

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Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

The Government's admission that it will carve an extra $63m out of the education budget to fund employer contributions to retirement schemes will put children's education at risk, says Labour's Education spokesperson, Sue Moroney. "That money has to be found from funding that is already stretched in education. If it is funded by the Ministry, then it will put pressure on the number of teachers employed in schools. If it is funded by schools, it will put pressure on the support staff they employ and the resources they provide," Sue Moroney said. "The latest budget revelation shows the Government misled parents and teachers when it said funding would increase for education in this budget. "The reality is that funding has not increased enough to keep up with inflation, let alone roll growth, and now departments are funding superannuation contributions which were previously funded from a the State Services budget. "It is dishonest to claim funding has increased when the ministry is one of many government departments that now is being forced to fund employer contributions to superannuation. "Schools now face increasing funding problems and this will put pressure on families to pay higher school fees at the very time that families can least afford more increases to their cost of living," Sue Moroney said.

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