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KiwiSaver & Saving

National To Consider Change To KiwiSaver

National To Consider Change To KiwiSaver
National will consider a union proposal to protect low-income workers from KiwiSaver changes. Prime Minister elect John Key invited and met Public Service Association national secretary Brenda Pilott and Council of Trade Unions economist Peter Conway yesterday.

Cullen Attacks Nats As Kiwisaver Numbers Swell

Cullen Attacks Nats As Kiwisaver Numbers Swell
Finance Minister Michael Cullen has used the release of figures showing 827,000 people are now KiwiSaver members to attack National's plans to "gut" the scheme.

Marac Intends To Join Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Marac Intends To Join Deposit Guarantee Scheme
Wellington, Oct 14 NZPA - Marac Finance has joined the list of financial institutions intending to opt-in to the Government's deposit guarantee scheme.

More Than 800,000 In Kiwisaver

Of the 800,213 people enrolled as KiwiSavers as of last Saturday more than 290,000 were automatically signed up when they started new jobs. Finance Minister Michael Cullen released the figures today. He said it was positive that 29 percent of those in the scheme were aged under 25.

KiwiSaver's Mortgage Diversion Component Relaxed

More KiwiSavers will be able to divert contributions towards repaying their mortgages under changes to the scheme, Finance Minister Michael Cullen announced today.

KiwiSaver Loophole Closed

Parliament has passed law to ensure employers pay contributions to their employees' KiwiSaver accounts and putting workers' rights to rest, and meal breaks and infant feeding breaks into law.

Govt Brings In Bill To Fix Kiwisaver Loophole

The Government has introduced a proposed law change to Parliament which it says will ensure employers meet their obligations to pay contributions to their employees' KiwiSaver accounts.

Lockwood Says He Did Nothing Wrong

National MP Lockwood Smith says his comments about the party having to swallow dead fish to make the public happy do not mean it has any secret agenda. Last night TV3 broadcast secretly recorded remarks Dr Smith made on Friday at the party's conference.

Market Volatility Encourages Investors To Join Kiwisaver: Survey

Wellington, July 23 NZPA - Market volatility is encouraging affluent investors to join up to KiwiSaver schemes, a new survey from KiwiSaver provider ING (NZ) shows.

Govt To Change Kiwisaver Law

The Government is going to change the law so employers cannot pay less to employees in the KiwiSaver scheme than to those who are not.

Key Signals 'Modest Changes' To Kiwisaver

National's leader, John Key, says there will be "some modest changes" to the KiwiSaver scheme if his party wins the election. Mr Key would not give any details today when he was questioned on TV One's Breakfast programme but he said nothing radical would be done.

Kiwisaver Numbers Pass 700,000 On 1st Birthday

More than 700,000 people have signed up to the Government's KiwiSaver as the retirement savings scheme celebrates its first birthday today.

Kiwisaver Numbers Close In On 700,000

The numbers of people enrolled in KiwiSaver has passed the 670,000 mark with 2300 new members signing up every day in May, the Government said today.

Kiwibank Launches PIE Saver Scheme

Wellington, June 3 NZPA - Kiwibank today launched new savings accounts that will allow some savers to take advantage of the Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE) legislation that limits tax on interest to 30 percent.

Kiwisaver Contributions Will Stay Under National

A slip-up by a National backbencher has forced the party to reveal it will keep compulsory employer contributions to Kiwisaver.

Nats Outed On Kiwisaver Policy By Backbencher's Gaffe

National has been forced to announce it will back the turbo-charged KiwiSaver after a backbench MP incorrectly told a business audience that compulsory employer contributions was not party policy.

April Biggest Month Ever For Kiwisaver Sign Ups

The numbers signing up for KiwiSaver surged by 78,000 in April taking the total enrolments to 600,000. Finance Minister Michael Cullen and Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said in a statement that the surge was a huge response to the Government's enhancements to the scheme.

Not On For Employers To Pay Less Yet Claim Tax Credit - Clark

Labour Minister Trevor Mallard has confirmed the Department of Labour is investigating claims that employers are paying less to workers in KiwiSaver while still claiming the tax credit.

Surge In KiwiSaver Numbers In April

Finance Minister Michael Cullen today said 20,000 people had signed up in the first nine days of April, taking total membership to 542,000. Dr Cullen said the high uptake "continues to amaze".

Department Of Labour Investigating KiwiSaver Ripoff

The Department of Labour is investigating claims that employers are paying less to workers who are in KiwiSaver and receiving an employer contribution to their savings.

Mallard Threatens "Immoral" KiwiSaver Companies

The Government will consider a law change to stop employers ripping off workers who have joined the KiwiSaver scheme, Labour Minister Trevor Mallard said today.

ASB Offers Sustainability Fund to Some KiwiSavers

Wellington, April 2 NZPA - KiwiSavers who want to add a "green" touch to their investment can now do so through a fund being launched by ASB.

Greens Call For Rules Over Investment Policy

The Green Party is calling on the Securities Commission to enforce new rules that require KiwiSaver providers to say whether they offer responsible investment policies. Greens co-leader Russel Norman said the rules came into effect yesterday.

Supermarket Group Takes Voluntary KiwiSaver Step

Under 18-year-old KiwiSavers working at one of the country's biggest supermarket chains will receive the bonus of employer contributions from April 1.

Government Makes Change to KiwiSaver

The Government today said a teething problem meant it has had to make a change to the KiwiSaver employer tax credit process.

Kiwisaver Encouraging Saving

Kiwisaver Encouraging Saving

KiwiSaver Also Babysaver Scheme

The Government says younger and younger people are signing up to KiwiSaver -- the latest being a nine-month-old boy.

National Party Endorses Government Subsidy For KiwiSaver

The National Party says it will keep some form of government subsidy for people taking part in KiwiSaver if it wins the election, finance spokesman Bill English says.

KiwiSaver Encouraging Saving

Wellington, March 17 NZPA - Workplace saving schemes have increased significantly since the introduction of KiwiSaver, Mercer Wealth Solutions said.

Nats Want To Improve KiwiSaver - English

The National Party confirmed today it won't drop the KiwiSaver scheme, which the Government says has now signed up nearly 500,000 people.

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