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What A Sense Of Relief

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I’m back at home now and I realise that I feel both emotionally and physically exhausted and a huge sense of relief. My emotional reaction is the hard part today. The doing of all the practical numbers stuff makes sense. It’s my nervousness and fear, coupled with letting go of my old ways of just not doing anything by taking this action, that has left me feeling completely washed out.

It is hard to face my own behaviours that do not serve me and in fact have taken me to places I do not want to be. How do you face yourself when you have stuffed up for so long? I am finally addressing my total debt situation, how long this might take to remedy, and getting real about how I will live from now on while I reset my financial compass. Freaky stuff. No wonder my body is responding to this courageous step with a physical response. Argh…..

So, I have cooked dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine to create a relaxing end to this big day for me. And with keeping my budget in mind, there is TVNZ On Demand (free TV) so instead of renting a DVD I am catching up on my favourite shows for free.

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