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How I Made Sure I Never Had Any Money

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When I began to make more money I noticed something very interesting in my conditioned beliefs. It seems that over the years I had trained myself to spend everything I earned no matter what my income level. I had managed to condition myself to have no money left over in the bank account despite my best intentions.

So when I started to make more money in my business my mind was committed to finding ways of spending it. I would find new information products that I just “had to have” even though I already had a stack of information lying unread next to my bed. I had to make sure that the bank account was back down to zero by the end of the month.

Reconditioning myself

It’s obviously a good idea to have a buffer of cash ready for emergencies but this was not how my mind had been trained. Therefore I had to teach it that having cash in the bank (and that I wasn’t allowed to spend) was a good thing. I started putting away both 10% of my personal income and 10% of my business income into an account I wasn’t allowed to touch.

Putting away 10% was actually remarkable easy once I got over the temptation to dip into it for “emergencies.” It also helped to have my Money System in place so I knew exactly how much should be in which account and how much I had to spend each week. It feels great now as every week I put money towards my goals instead of straight down the drain.

How the patterns changed

Once I saw my pattern of spending all my money I was able to look at just what I was spending it on. Sure enough I was buying a lot of information that I didn’t even have time to use. And so I managed to cut $410 a month in expenses right there.

I now have money sitting in a security account and an investing account (which is being used to pay down debt for now). This gives me peace of mind and goes a long way to automatically changing my money beliefs. Now I expect to look at my bank accounts and see money sitting there so I no longer feel the need to “get rid of it.”

Added benefits

Before I was feeling very depressed about my money situation as it didn’t seem to matter how much I made… it all got spent anyway. Now I know that money is going towards my future goals and life is a lot more exciting. It gives me a great feeling of progress and I’m positive about the future.

I now have both investment and fun goals mapped out and I can see clearly how I will reach them. I know exactly where my income is going and what benefits I’m receiving. It’s also allowed me to organise my business more effectively so I can pay myself a higher salary.

The future finally looks a lot brighter and I’m feeling much better about money in general. And I know it’s only onwards and upwards from here!

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