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Government hiding its poor economic management behind public sector bashing

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Fuseworks Media

The Government needs to show it has more than tinkering skills to offer the country in tomorrow's budget. Economic growth and jobs come from a joined-up economic strategy not from more public sector bashing says the Public Service Association

"New Zealand's debt is largely a private debt problem. This needs robust economic management and a strategy that encourages diversification beyond agriculture and primary exports," says the public sector union's National Secretary Brenda Pilott.

"From what's been reported ahead of the budget, the Government is preparing to hit low and middle income earners by cutting back on the vital public services they rely on, changing Working for Families entitlements and reducing KiwiSaver contributions.

"Targeting the pockets of struggling low and middle-income earners and cutting the services they use does nothing to create jobs or economic growth.

"The Ministry of Justice's proposal to move Waitakere Family Court resources to Auckland City is a prime example of Government tinkering that does more harm than good.

"The move will result in less access to justice for the Waitakere community, a loss of skills and experience to the public service and more people joining the dole queue.

"It's time for the Government to show New Zealanders what its plan is to grow the economy, create jobs and build skills. Public sector-bashing doesn't address any of these issues," says Brenda Pilott.

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