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New wealth event to profile global opportunities - Wealth Morning

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Wealth Morning, an Auckland-based think tank focused on global finance, has just announced a new web event to discuss the investment outlook following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event will highlight potential market opportunities and explain how eligible investors could benefit.

Simon Angelo, global analyst and chief executive at Wealth Morning, has studied the financial trends closely. He draws direct comparisons with the last major world pandemic and the run-up in asset prices that followed it.

‘The Covid-19 economic recovery is creating opportunity and danger for investors like never before,’ Simon says. ‘We have been here before, with roaring house prices in the 1920s following the money printing that preceded the Spanish flu. What you saw then was a period of pent-up demand, a run-up in asset prices, and then catastrophe in 1929.’

In one representative example of the US property market, Manhattan home prices had lost 51% of their value by 1933. They did not recover until 1960.

Stocks and shares also lost most of their value during this market melt. Yet these liquid assets were much quicker to flex back with economic recovery.

According to Simon, the market recovery we’re now seeing is both exciting and nerve-racking for investors. He notes many of those who deployed funds from March through to September have enjoyed strong recovery growth on hopes of a Covid-19 vaccine. But he believes wise investors need to consider longer-term implications for all asset classes.

Wealth Morning has more than 50,000 readers worldwide and also provides wholesale fund management for high-net-worth investors. Simon says they’ve been receiving a lot of interest from people interested in investing for a post-Covid environment.

This demand has led to the organisation creating a web event to provide more detailed analysis on the outlook, and to provide general information on how to access global markets.

‘We are in a time of crisis and opportunity,’ Simon says. ‘Some investors have already done very well. More than ever, it is important to analyse value and form a clear conviction on what will happen to that value over the next few years. History tells us that boom periods fuelled by credit and expanded money supply may not be sustainable.’

The web event will run on December 8. Participants may submit questions in advance of the event.

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