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Digital Advance Launches Community Newswire,


Online Publisher Digital Advance today launched, a community newswire for New Zealanders.

Voxy provides an open platform for newsmakers to speak directly to the community and feed the news conversations of the day.

“While contributions to the site do go through a moderation process, our aim is to facilitate the sharing of as many views and perspectives as possible” said Digital Advance founder, Matthew Harman.

“The news on the site will be ‘raw’, in that it generally won’t be edited prior to publication – however, readers can comment on every story, to help ensure that all sides of any issue are discussed and debated”.

The site will be updated seven days a week and includes the latest breaking national, business, politics, sport and entertainment news.

“At launch, we believe Voxy is already one of the most comprehensive sources of New Zealand news in the market” said Harman.

Voxy is the second major website Digital Advance has launched since its establishment in March this year.

It’s first site,, has rapidly established itself as the leading independent source of personal finance news and ‘how to’ guides in the New Zealand market.

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