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Zero Dollar Christmas Gifts

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

When I stand in the queue at my local supermarket, I’m amazed at just how many people say “No” when the operator prompts them for a Flybuys card.   Flybuys = Zero Dollar Christmas Gifts!   

In the last couple of years, both Flybuys and the rewards program offered on our credit card have saved our festive bacon – allowing us to stretch our Christmas budget just that little bit further.

Simply by swiping our Flybuys card, or using our credit card (or normally both) when we did our regular grocery shopping, meant that at the end of the year we could cash in our rewards points for gift cards at various stores including: Kodak Express, Liquorland, Mitre 10, Noel Leeming and Paper Plus.   These we either gave away as presents to those on our list, or used the voucher to buy something for them.Christmas Gift Giving

It may be that those who choose not to apply for a card are members of the “glass half empty” brigade.  OK, I’ll admit it, I was too – because to earn enough points to actually “fly” anywhere using your points would take more years than you care to think about (not to mention the fact that your points do expire after a number of years, so you may never get enough in the short space of time you would need).   But on the glass-half-full side of the equation,  the card is free, the groceries will cost you just as much without a card and if you can earn enough points just by shopping normally to end up with $60-80 worth of vouchers at the end of the year, I say, why not?!

Our credit card rewards program has also been quite useful – as we have a mortgage offset account, we always use the card to purchase our day to day needs and pay it off at the end of the month – so again, points rack up nicely.  And again, we cash those points for vouchers are various stores or to help pay extra off our mortgage.

So while it may not save you this Christmas, it could make quite a difference to next year.

However, if you still feel unmoved, and say “No” the next time you’re asked “Flybuys?” by the checkout operator, why not offer your points to that eager little face in the queue behind you!  Hopefully it’ll be me!

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