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You Only Need One Thing to Save Money

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Why is the internet full of frugal living sites and page after page of money saving tips?  Simply because there are literally thousands of ways to save money.  The good news is you only need to implement ONE of them.

If you were to attempt to implement ALL the money saving tips that you have found – you’d have to give up work to have time to do them all.  So my advice is to start simple.  For instance, choose something that you buy regularly and then just don’t.

If you usually buy a special interest magazine once a fortnight or a month (generally between $7-$15), then simply don’t buy it.  I don’t mean “give it up” altogether – I mean, just this once don’t buy it.   Now here is the really important bit – take the cash you were going to spend on it and put it in a jar.

It’s important to physically “save” the money – otherwise it will just stay in your wallet or purse and get used on other incidentals which means you’ll just be trading one product for another.  You need to have something to SHOW for your efforts.

When you’ve done that ONCE, you can either choose to do it again OR choose something else “not to buy” just the once.  Catch my drift?

Choose not to have a morning coffee just once and put the proceeds in the jar.  Choose not buy air freshener in your weekly shop, put the proceeds in the jar (and open a window!).  Choose not to go to the movies together, save the price of one admission in the jar use the price of the other to have coffee and a chat.

You just need to choose one thing, save a couple of dollars at a time and before you know it you’ll have a tidy little lump sum to pay the bills or put away for something special.

(By the way, I took my own advice and have been putting $2 in a jar since January 1, I now have $60 sitting in my jar.  Bill Gates, eat your heart out!)

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