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Why Updating Your Net Worth Matters

I went along to watch Lisa Dudson and Keith Mason speak at a seminar on Saturday and definitely got a lot out of it. One of my insights came from Lisa challenging the audience about who actually knew their current net worth. She estimated only one or two people in the room would.

Well I proudly told her afterwards that I was one of those people. It also triggered a thought from T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” that if you want your net worth to improve… start measuring it. So I’ve now added updating my net worth statement to my monthly planning routine for the month (it took 8 minutes).

Drum roll please…

I’m also proud to say that since the 1st of August my debt has reduced by $1007.85 and my net worth has increased by $1,941.64. Not bad for a month if I do say so myself.

Why this matters to you

I believe the really important thing about this is that I feel great about it. No longer do I feel the stress of debt riding on my shoulders. Instead I feel great because I’m making monthly progress towards my goals.

And isn’t this what becoming financially free is all about? Wouldn’t you like to feel free from the worry and stress about your finances? Because you can experience this in a very short space of time (like 7 weeks) and don’t have to hold on until you become a millionaire or reach other high level goals.

If you’re prepared to do a little groundwork now you’ll be amazed at what will flourish in just a few short months. So get out there and plant your seeds of financial freedom today (end of cute metaphor).

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