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Waste Less, Save More

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

When you can’t or don’t want to exchange the product you’re using for a cheaper product – there are still ways you can save money – by using your preferred brand more fully!  Here are four frugal living tips I managed to google across today that fall into the “Oh, really!  Never thought of that!” category.

Getting more out of your razors
– To make your razors last that bit longer – the trick is to DRY it after each use.  Because according to an article on, it’s not the amount of times you use the razor that dulls it’s blade, it’s the microscopic rust that develops on it’s edge.   So wipe off the excess moisture on a clean towel, and use your hairdryer (or blow through a drinking straw) to remove the water after each use!

Breathing New Life into your Marker Pens – it’s Murphy’s law that whenever I go to use a marker pen in our house, it’s completely dried out and useless.  

Use nail polish remover to bring it back to life!  
Put a drop on the tip as a tester and if it works well – use a clean hyperdermic needle (available from chemist) to inject it into the felt.

Turn Your Leftover Lipstick into Lip Balm – When you’ve worn your lipstick down to the top of it’s tube, you can either use a cotton tip to get to the remainder and apply to your lips.  OR you can turn it into a lip gloss!   Using a ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil shortening and the remains of your lipstick, heat the mixture for a short time and mix the ingredients together – when combined, pour into a small container (like an old cosmetic sampler or eyeshadow box) and refrigerate until it solidifies.

Stop Wasting Dishwashing Liquid – when you only want to wash a single place or saucepan, all too often you use a big squirt of dishwashing liquid (probably the same amount you’d use for a whole sinkful!).   Instead, grab a spray bottle and fill with 1 part dishwashing liquid to 10 parts water and mix.   The next time you’ve got just a dish or two to do, just spray and wipe!

All of these tips are from – a site with some excellent ideas on driving your dollar that little bit further.  (Don’t know how I hadn’t fallen across it before!  But I highly recommend you give it a quick squiz.)

How to save money and live more frugally

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