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Top Tips On How To Earn Some Extra Money

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose

Looking to earn some extra money, pay off some debt or just test out a new part time job to see if a career change is right for you?  Here are some of the hotter jobs out there right now.


The internet is a wonderful thing, if you know how to use it well.  Are you someone that can find your way around the net with your eyes blindfolded and hands tied behind your back? 

Your skills are in demand—bill yourself as an internet researcher and knock on the doors of a few local businesses.  Or how about just setting up computers for people who are less tech-savvy? 

It's not just computers either: these days everything from home theater systems to VCRs to wireless networks have to be set up, installed and organised. 

Then there’s the unstoppable march of technology:  offer (for a price, of course) to help people change the format of their recorded media from CD to MP3, VHS to DVD, paper photos to digital, and so on.  


Got kids?  Do they go to school?  Teachers have a life too, only it has to revolve around the 8 to 3  schedule or they have to find a substitute.  Voila!  That’s you!  Stop by some local schools—public and private—and find out what’s required to be a substitute. 

Don’t think you can handle being locked in a room with 30 squirming fourth-graders?  How about college kids?  Check out your local community college and see if they need a teacher for a course or two—colleges always pay better than elementary schools, anyway. 

Or what about teaching English at a local adult education center?  If you speak a language other than English that’s even better—prime skills for a second job. 

Need something with a more flexible schedule?  With a Tertiary degree, you can try tutoring in your off time or before or after work—with a little advertising at local schools you’ll have plenty of clients in no time.  

Home/Office Maintenance

People lead busy lives—and they need someone to take care of all their stuff for them.  Love animals?  You could take care of dogs, cats, hamsters, and even more exotic animals—all for the right price.  Don’t have a lot of room in your home?  Offer to take care of the pets right there in their own homes. 

How about plants?  Plenty of folk will be taking holidays in the next few months—and somebody’s gotta water their plants.  Even offices and businesses might be willing to have you take over their plant maintenance, if you make them an offer they can’t refuse. 

If you love to clean, there’s probably an office somewhere looking for someone to sweep, mop, and vacuum in the after hours when no one’s in the office.  For an added bonus, offer to take care of their plants at the same time!  

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you enjoy it.  Who wants to hate both their jobs?

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