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Time is Money – So Save As Much As You Can!

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Whether you are Bill Gates or a stay-at-home mum, TIME is the one thing we all have exactly the same amount of.   It’s what we choose to do with it that makes us a success or failure.   Here are five simple things you can do to streamline your life and cut your stress!

1. Touch it once.
  This tip can apply to so many aspects of life – from your email inbox to washing the dishes.    If you’re taking a dish to the sink, instead of leaving it sit there and build up, put it straight into the dishwasher.  When you read an email, make your choice right then and there – action it, forward it, delete it – whatever it is you need to do with it, but don’t hang on to it letting it build up in your inbox.

2. Get a head start. 
You can’t always predict how your day will end – but you can be in control of how it starts!   Get organised the night before, lay your clothes out, load the coffee machine, have your briefcase/bag packed and ready to go by the door – so you’ll have a smooth take off to every morning (or at least have time to deal with the unexpected without a total meltdown before 8am).

3. Let your fingers do the walking.  On your way out the door to buy a particular product?   Call before you go to ensure they have what you need in stock.  Just because it’s advertised in the catalogue, doesn’t mean it’s in your local store.  Save on petrol, time and the frustration of wasting both when you can’t get what you want.

4. Faster housework. 
Here’s a great idea from (a great site for tips on saving time and money).   Arrange your furniture so that your vacuum cleaner or broom can fit around and behind them.

5. Turn Laundry baskets into Life Baskets.  I love this tip from - if you have a two-story house, keep a washing basket near your stairs to collect items that need to be returned to the other floor. Keep one in the garage and use it to carry things from the car inside. Have one in the family room and fill it with things that need to be put away. Use different colours for each family member and use them as launch pads. Lunches, homework, papers, bags, hats etc can be put in the one spot ready to be used.

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