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The Little Things that Add Up

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

The more you settle into a frugal living lifestyle, the more attuned you become to wastage around the home.   Here are three random little tips that won’t make you a millionaire, but might help ingrain the “zero waste” philosophy into your mindset.

1. Using Both Sides of Paper before recycling:  Anything you have printed and no longer need, or any letters you may have received, cut/tear them in half and leave them by the phone to jot down messages and details.    You’ll be recycling twice!

 2. Freezing Candles before use.  Don’t ask me to explain the science, but candles that have been frozen will take longer to burn.

You can also reuse the unmelted wax on your candles quite easily and cheaply (no need to go to a craft store!).   Simply buy a roll of cotton twine to use at the wick, cut a length and tape it to the bottom of your mould/old cup/glass, I then used a peg resting horizontally on the rim to hold the wick out of the wax.  Melt your conglomeration of old wax SLOWLY and CAREFULLY (I used a steel mixing bowl, placed over a pot of boiling water), keep children at a safe distance, pour into the moulds and allow to set.

3. Re-using soap pieces.  Keep the little bits of leftover soap from the bathroom – cover them with water overnight and “squoosh” them into an old cookie cutter or egg ring (make sure they’re resting on baking paper or cling wrap) and leave them to dry.   Of course, that’s just ONE way to re-use soap – there are so many more.  Some people put into old onion bags (made from netting), others put into an old stocking and use out in the garden to wash their hands, still other’s put into an old squeeze bottle to break down and use as a liquid soap.  So whatever you do, don’t throw it out!

Like I said, they won’t make you a millionaire, but they might just get you thinking about other ways that you can save money and reduce waste.

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