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The Conspiracy of Spending

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

When you’re trying to live the frugal life and save money wherever you can – you may feel as though you’re swimming against a very strong tide.  Our whole western society is geared to spend, spend, spend – so is NOT spending right now unpatriotic?

Alright, “conspiracy” is a very strong word – it’s not like big brother is hiding the fact that we need to SPEND from us, or unwittingly manipulating us (they leave that to the thousands of advertising messages that bombard us every day).

With the Global Financial Crisis still sweeping the world (a bit like Swine Flu really), many nations around the world have announced “stimulus” packages to keep their economies turning over.   In Australia, the government is literally giving away money to tax payers and urging them to SPEND it!  

The fact is, our society is set up so that we MUST consume to survive.  No consuming, means no business, means no jobs, means no way to survive.

So, should those of us trying to get ahead by not spending, get out there and spend money on useless “stuff” to help keep the country afloat?   Personally, I don’t think so.  But what you can do is turn it to your advantage.

If you’ve been saving for renovations or appliances i.e. those things that will add value to your home or enhance your life, now might be the time to go for it.   Because builders/tradesmen and retailers who were busy before and able to name their own price are now much more open to “doing a deal”.

So to use the old clichés - the ball is very much in your court, you have the upper hand, you can turn “crisis” into “opportunity”!  So get out there and take advantage of it.   And you can also feel good that you’re helping to stimulate the economy at the same time.  

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