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Spend Time Not Money

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown
Pic: HikingArtist
Pic: HikingArtist

Do you ever spend money incidentally, because you’re looking for something to do?  Turning back to the simple things in life won’t just save you money but also enrich your relationships.

Until the Easter long weekend, I didn’t think that I was “materialistic” at all.  However, on Good Friday, one of the last lonely days of the year that the large retailers have been unable to touch and all shops remained closed – I discovered I had been relying on shopping as a social outing.

I don’t endlessly shop for fashion, or wander around shopping centres for something to do – but I realised that if my partner and I were looking for something to do at home, it generally involved jumping in the car and heading for the local Bunnings to pick up some bib or bob to do something around the house or in the garden.

As we were staring at each other on Good Friday morning wondering what to do, realising the local hardware store wasn’t an option – one of us said “how about a game of cards?”  What resulted was many many hands of Rummy, and several hours of laughing, joking, teasing and COMMUNICATION.  Quite honestly, it was magic.

So many of us fill our time with each other with “stuff”.  We’re in the same house or the same garden but we’re not in the same headspace – the time we could be spending focussing on each other, we focus on everything but.  We spend money to go out and do things together, when we could do things together at home.

The couple of dollars we invested in that pack of cards, is possibly one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our relationship.  Last Saturday morning also started with a couple of rounds of Rummy and a great chat – and I hope there’ll be many more.

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