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Silly Money Saving Tips For The Serial Skimper

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

When you make the switch to frugal living and then begin to see the rewards of implementing some simple money saving tips – it’s not unusual to get a little over-excited and start to look for savings everywhere.

So remember, it’s always important to ask yourself – will the effort outweigh the savings?   Here’s a few over-enthusiastic saving tips I put together just for fun:

Save on fuel - jog or walk faster when you mow.

Save on milk - drink black tea or coffee.

When friends come around for a drink, pull out a swear jar and reap the rewards.  (This could save you on entertaining all year round as your potty-mouth mates won’t soon be back!)

Save on food - send your teenagers out for sleepovers and let them eat other people out of house and home.

Save on washing up detergent - cover your plates with cling wrap (of course you’ll need to weigh up the savings on detergent against the expense of cling wrap).

Save on going to the movies – just get a friend to tell you what happens.

Save on power - watch your neighbour’s tv through the window.

Save on newspapers – read the ones at McDonalds.  (To make it look like you’re a customer, sit at a table where someone has left their empties.)

Of course, you should remember that these tips are for entertainment purposes only – if you choose to actually implement any of them, that’s your probl-... I mean, choice... that’s your choice.

Now, if you’ve got any more tips for the over-enthusiastic skimper, I’d love to hear them, so please feel free to share them here.   After all, a smile costs nothing and makes the giver and the receiver a whole lot richer inside!  Awww....

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