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Saving Time and Money in the Laundry

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

As the Vatican’s controversial “Washing Machine Emancipates Women” headline hit the media this week on International Women’s Day – I thought a couple of hints on saving time and money in the laundry might be quite timely – perhaps even, dare I say..liberating!

1. Always wash in cold water, to save on heating costs.   Those articles that recommend washing in hot water can be kept separate and done by hand.    If you don’t have a washing machine that allows you to set the load size or detect it itself, make sure you wait until you have a FULL load.

2. Halve your laundry powder. 
Whatever the manufacturer’s recommended dosage is for a particular sized load – cut it in half.  You will find it does just the same job and your laundry powder will last twice as long.

3. Hang your t-shirts/shirts on coat hangers.   The little bit of time if takes to hang them now, may just save you a whole lot more time when it comes to ironing.  (Better still, buy clothes that don’t need ironing!)

4. Learn the 2-second t-shirt fold! 
  This technique allows you to fold a t-shirt as neatly and professionally as you see in fashion stores, in seconds.   I was so excited when I found this link (ok, perhaps I don’t have much of a life), I wanted to show all my family and friends.  Every time I went somewhere that week, I was asking for a t-shirt so I could demonstrate!   (I told you I have no life!)

I urge you to try it – for once I was actually excited about folding the washing - it’s a revolution! 

Now that I’ve revealed myself as a fold-o-phile (I love a good napkin fold as well), you’ll have to excuse me, I unfortunately have some re-washing to do.  Final Tip:  always check your pockets for tissues and paper to avoid them being covered in fluff!

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