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Saving on Electrical Goods – The Easy Way

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Here is the one step, no hassle, works-every-time way to save on electrical goods.  Are you ready?
The easy way to save money on electrical goods is...drum roll please....ASK.

It’s that diabolically simple.

If you walk into an electrical store and pay the ticketed price, then you have paid too much.  I know because I’ve done it.   It’s how I was brought up; the price tag is the price tag – you are either happy to pay that amount or you don’t buy it.  Well, not any more.

The retail electrical market is highly competitive – it’s all about how many “boxes” they can move.  Yes, that’s right - I hate to burst anyone’s idealistic bubble, but the manager’s of these electrical stores don’t think of their stock as fridges, ovens, dishwashers, stereo’s, popcorn makers or coffee makers – they’re simply referred to as “boxes”.  The more “boxes” they move, the more the manufacturers reward them – so they will reduce their margin on the product to ensure they meet their targets and earn their bonuses.

And here’s another little bubble-burster.  The “haggle” is built into the ticket price.   Most, if not all electrical stores are waiting for you to ask them for their best price or their cash price.  They may “um” and “ah” and seem to be experiencing an internal struggle as they excuse themselves to go and “check with the boss” – but really, they already know how low they’ll go.

Like I said, I’m no haggler and I’d prefer this theatrical charade wasn’t necessary (anyone remember the haggling scene from the Life of Brian?) – but if it’s going to mean more money in my pocket, or on my mortgage, then I now have no dramas uttering these five little words - “Is that your best price?”   Why not try it for yourself.   You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll “save” and you’ll kick yourself for all the times you paid the ticketed price.

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