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Saving on Craft Materials

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

If you knit or crochet, you know that the cost of yarn can add up considerably.  Before you add to your stash of wool or yarn, take a look around the house – there’s plenty to keep your fingers busy and your costs down.  And if you’re not a knitter or crocheter, consider learning – it’s free, easy and a skill for life!

In households all over the globe, plastic shopping bags are multiplying by the hundreds in the bottom of pantries (even though I decided long ago to say no to plastic bags and use green recycled bags – I still have a ton in the pantry).  Why not whip out your needles or hook and create a truly recycled and reusable bag from all that plastic!   The internet is absolutely crawling with literally hundreds of patterns for shopping bags, as well as instructions on how to create “plastic bag yarn”.

The other great source of yarn is old t-shirts!   Again, just a quick search of the net and you’ll discover how to turn old t-shirts into yarn that you can use to create colourful bath mats, floor rugs and pet beds.

Got any old garden or jute twine?  You can turn it into knick-knack baskets and pen holders.

I have previously used plastic “raffia-style” twine in bright colours – just a couple of bucks in the gardening section at discount stores - to create some vibrant and summery place mats for outdoor entertaining.

If you have not learnt these simple handcrafts – they’re a great skill to have (I personally recommend you choose crochet).  They allow you to turn old unused materials you have laying around your house, into much-loved hand-made gifts for friends and family – or sell your wares at a local market for even more cash!

If you’d like to learn – you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on the net, just check out  You’ll be turning trash into treasure, reducing clutter and enriching your life with new skills.

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