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Saving Money on Weight Loss

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

If you’ve ever spent money on weight loss programs, pills, shakes, energy bars or the like – and you DIDN’T succeed in the long run, don’t be surprised, the world is full of us.   The ultimate solution to weight loss is completely free.

When you splash out a couple of hundred bucks on a gym membership, when you invest in a personal trainer (notice how no-one “hires” a personal trainer, they always “invest”), when you commit money to your weight loss cause, what are you ultimately doing?   You’re trying to buy motivation.  

For some people, it will flick that switch inside them and they’ll achieve lasting change.  But for many, who stop going to the gym after 3 weeks or get sick of the taste of the shakes in two days (and there’s boxfuls left in the pantry), that outside motivation fades very quickly.

The only way to really flick that switch, is in your head.  So, rather than a personal trainer, perhaps you need a psychologist.   Now, that would be a lasting investment.  After all, if you can find out WHY you overeat (or under exercise) and fix it, then you’ll never have to choke down another meal replacement shake again.

If you have health cover, find out if you’re covered for psychological services.  In some cases, if you are recommended by a GP you may be able to claim back the cost.  Of course, if you feel that this is a little bit of overkill - I guess that depends on how long and how much overweight you are or how many other things you’ve tried – perhaps you can find that switch on your own.

If you know your weight gain started after a particular occurrence e.g. having a baby, relationship break-up or another emotional event and you believe that your eating is emotional – why not investigate E.F.T., Emotional Freedom Technique.  It may seem kind of weird to begin with, but it won’t cost you a cent to give it a go.

Motivation comes from within, so if you’re going to throw money at your problem, make sure you throw it in the right direction.

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