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Saving Money on Postage – Thinking Outside the Box

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

When it comes to saving money on mailing Christmas presents, Santa has got the right idea – he puts all his presents in a sack – and if you want to save money on postage so should you.

For some reason, and I’m sure it’s possibly a good one (I just haven’t had the time to explore the depths of a postmaster’s psyche as yet), the second your parcel has corners it’s going to cost you a lot more to post.

For instance – say you want to send a package weighing one kilo (with dimensions of 400mm x 200mm x 100mm) from Christchurch to Auckland, if you sent as a wrapped package you would be up for $9-50.  However, put that same package in a “Weigh to Go Sack” from New Zealand Post and you’re only up for $4-20, a saving of over half, just for thinking outside the

So even if the item you are sending actually comes in a box, rather than wrap it and send it as is – put it into a postpak or Weigh to Go Sack and save yourself some money.

In fact, to be really sure, before you leave home just jump onto the NZ Post website and using the Rate Finder (plus a ruler or tape measure and your kitchen scales) find out how much you’re up for and the best way to send your parcel.

Of course, this tip applies at all times of the year, not just Christmas and you would hope that your local friendly postal officer would point out the savings you could make before you send it.    However, just in case they’re busy and don’t remember to tell you – forewarned is forearmed.

You can put the savings you make on the postage into buying an even better present (or just keep it in your savings account)!

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