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Saving Money on Mulch - Classified Information

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

One of the keys to frugal living is thinking outside the square and looking for different paths and alternative options to arrive at your goals with more money left in your pocket.

For instance, this Christmas my partner and I are giving each other 3 raised garden beds. I know what you’re thinking - aah, the romance!   Honestly though, we’re both rather excited about stepping up our home grown produce production – and the last week has been spent in a quest for hay.

The trouble is that at our local garden centre / hardware conglomerate, hay will set you back between $14 -$18.  Since we would need 15 bails or more, we were staring down the barrel of at least $210.    With those kind of figures in hand, I then thoroughly depressed myself by trying to calculate how long it would take before these garden beds would actually have paid for themselves. hay

Luckily my partner was (and usually is) a lot more on the ball when it comes to taking the road less travelled and finding an alternative route to where we want to be.   Simply by looking in the classified section of our local newspaper,   he found someone with bails of hay for $4 (which were at least twice the size of those at the nursery).

Now, you may read this and wonder what rock I’ve been living under – particularly if you’re from a more rural area.  But for those living in a more urban situation, like myself, it’s very easy to have the blinkers on and see only the commercial solution that’s marketed to you everyday on the radio and television.  By going the private route, we saved at least $150.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – garden mulch, furniture, computer parts, clothing, whatever – the classifieds are a great place to start. So why not pick up your local paper and do a little research.

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