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Saving Money on Meals – Meat-Free Week

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

If you take a look at your weekly grocery docket from the supermarket and add up the price of your meat purchases, chances are (assuming you’re not a vegetarian) it comes to a significant amount – in fact, depending on the size of your family, you could be looking at around $50-60 per week (or more).  Just imagine that $50-60 going into your savings account once a month.

Simply by leaving meat off the menu one week out of every month, you could see an extra $720 a year on your mortgage/in the holiday fund/in your pocket.Veges

Now of course, you could simply cut down your meat consumption across the board or buy cheaper cuts of meat – however, by declaring “a meat-free week”, you’re asking everyone in the household to actively participate in achieving your savings goal – it becomes an awareness and a bonding exercise as well as a savings one.

You will of course still need your protein – another reason to do it for just one week out of the month rather than for an extended period – so remember, eggs are a great menu option.

Here are just a few dinner suggestions to get your started:

That’s seven menu options off the top of my head without even googling “vegetarian meals”!  Imagine what else you could come up with a little time and everyone in the family in on the challenge.

The other booster to your family’s meat-less morale would be to put the money that you would have spent on meat/chicken/fish and put it in a glass jar, visible to everyone.

Vege out and have fun!

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