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Saving Money On Last Minute Christmas Presents

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

With Christmas now just days away, if you haven’t done all your present shopping yet, you may be starting to get a little edgy.  You’re entering the danger zone where panic can set in, your gift budget goes out the window and you’re willing to pay anything just to get those last few names ticked off your list.

At this point you may be screaming “Yes, alright, don’t rub it in!  Just tell me how to save on Christmas presents!!!”.  Of course, this reaction would indeed confirm that if you look in your rear vision mirror you’ll probably see sane-and-rational-you disappearing into the distance, while the wild-haired crazy-eyed if-it-moves-buy-it shopper (there’s one inside all of us) is now driving this bus straight to Splurge Town.Christmas stocking

Before you go out there with credit cards blazing, you seriously need to get some perspective.  

From personal experience (and it may be just a girl thing), this panic that you feel is possibly linked to the pressure you have placed on yourself to find the “perfect” gift.  So remember, Christmas Day is not Judgement Day, where the depth and feeling of each of your relationships is judged purely on the size of your gift.  No one gift can ever represent everything that this person means to you and measuring the “success” of your Christmas on the quality of gifts given and received is ridiculous.  What you do for that person on Christmas Day and on every other day is the only true measure.

Now you’ve got (hopefully) a more rational perspective, here are 5 off-the-shelf pressies that might help you tick some more names off that list:

  • Designer Christmas Tree Ornament – you can find gorgeous keepsake baubles from gift and homewares stores for between $10-$15.  Every year when they put up their tree, you will be a part of their tradition.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle – there are some sensational puzzles in toy stores with fun, eye-catching images (no more old English gardens) for under $20.
  • Kitchen Gadgets – melon ballers, avocado slicers, butter curlers, there are all manner of fun gadgets (buy 2 or 3 to make a little pack) to give the budding chef.
  • Diaries / Desk Calendars – whatever they’re into, you will find a calendar to match – again generally around $20.
  • Mag Pack for the Loo – a fun one for guys.  Rather than a magazine subscription, why not pick up 3 or 4 different magazines on their favourite sports/hobbies – team them with a roll of toilet paper and air freshener!  

Now get out there and finish that shopping – and remember to give everyone in your checkout queue the gift of a big wide smile (no crazy eyes)!   And if you feel the pressure start to rise again, try and remember this quote from Roy L. Smith:  “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”   Well put Roy.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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