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Saving Money on Hair Care – DIY Hair Colour

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Colouring my hair used to be a treat, it was the proverbial “change that was as good as a holiday”. These days, as I am still firmly in denial and refuse to face the inevitable reality of grey hair, it is now what I would consider a NECESSITY. Luckily, it is NOT necessary to pay over $100 every 6 weeks to have it done.

Much as I love my hairdresser (I wouldn’t trust anyone else to cut my hair), I just cannot justify to my partner or myself spending over $800 a year to have it coloured. Especially when I can purchase the same products as the salon does and do it myself for less than $20.

Because I’m not looking for anything fancy – no foils or complicated mix of colours – just plain old “Light Violet Mahogany Brown”, I can go into any of the hair and beauty discount stores that are popping up all over and buy the same salon products that my hairdresser can. The instructions are very simple and if you’re not sure, there will be someone who can explain it to you easily.

Of course, there have always been colouring kits that you can pick up at the supermarket and as the products become better and better it seems ridiculous to pay four times the price for the same thing in a salon. In fact, I can’t believe that I’ve paid so much for so long, when it is so simple to do (or have a friend do it for you) at home. And clearly, I’ve picked the right colour, because I have never had as many compliments on my hair as I have in the last six months.

The only issue, is explaining to your hairdresser (I know that mine did a lot of mumbling when I first said “no colour today thanks, my sister is going to do it for me”). However, when I assured her that it was nothing to do with her skills and everything to do with my current bank balance; she quickly settled back into her normal chatty self.

Just double check you’ve chosen the right colour, follow the instructions and go for it – why not spend the savings you make on your first ‘home salon’ colour by treating yourself to a massage!

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