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Saving Money On Entertainment – Be Your Own

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Frugal living shouldn’t mean locking yourself at home with the lights off (unless of course that’s your thing).   As with most things “frugal”, all it takes to save money on entertainment is a little time and just the smallest effort.

First, what is “entertainment”?   Your thesaurus will spit out words like ‘activity’, ‘amusement’, ‘distraction’, ‘diversion’.    It’s what you do with your free time to make it more enjoyable – to make you feel as though you’d have a break from work, chores and the everyday.  If you look around your community, chances are you will find plenty of activities that are free!

At this point, you may be thinking “yeah, that old chestnut is on every list of saving money tips“.  To which I reply, yes, no doubt you’ve seen it many many times ...BUT have you actually done it?

Have you taken the sandwiches you were going to have for lunch and eaten them with friends in a local park?   Have you set foot inside the art gallery or museum?   Have you actually looked in your local paper for free concerts and public performances?  These are all things, that when you actually take the TIME to do them, will add colour to your life and create memories for your family.  Regardless of whether you are trying to save money or not, these activities help create a rich life.

While you’re at it, why not dust off the games and jigsaws that are sitting in your cupboard?  If you’re wrinkling your nose at this thought – then you should bring them out of the cupboard anyway, because it’s time you put them in a garage sale or donated them to the local hospital.  Now there’s a thought, you could volunteer for a local charity and give your spare time to helping others – guaranteed it will make you feel better than any trip to the movies ever could.

Now, why not turn off the computer and head out into the big wide world?  Or at the very least, jump onto your local council website and see what’s going on out there!

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