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Saving Money on Cigarettes

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

The simple answer is “don’t smoke”. Yeah right!! Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking knows that it can be much easier said that done. Here’s the way I finally kicked the habit after 20-something years.

These days it’s only the well-off who can really afford to smoke – but perhaps one of the reasons they ARE well off is because they don’t. My partner goes through a carton (8 packs) of cigarettes in a week – that’s nearly $100 a week going out of our bank account and into his lungs. The day he finally decides to stop we will be instantly and greatly better off financially and health-wise.

The issue is – it’s up to him. As an ex-smoker I know there is nothing that anyone could have said to me that would make me stop. I had to do it myself.

I tried hypnosis, patches, acupressure, acupuncture and cold turkey. I was devastated when I look backed and thought “Oh no! I’m one of those people who’ve tried everything.” I had all but given up giving up, until a book was recommended to me – not by just one person, but two completely random people in the same week recommended the same book (I don’t believe in coincidence).

That book was Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. The good news is, you KEEP SMOKING while you read it, there is no pressure at all to stop. Then as if by magic, at the end of the book, without threats of cancer or preaching or lecturing, it finally became possible for me to put cigarettes aside and say no. That was 3 years ago this June.

I read the book (I think you’ll find it in most bookstores), but I believe it’s available on CD’s also. I would give you the link to his site, but I don’t want to push it down your throat. Like I said, you’ve got to want to do it yourself and your search engine will get your where you want to go, if you want to go there.

Hope this helps. Believe me, there is life after cigarettes.

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