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Saving Money at the Supermarket – Size Matters

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Do you walk around the supermarket, buying what you always buy, without looking left or right and up or down?   Without even switching brands – you might be missing savings that are hiding right under your nose.  It’s time to switch on, tune in and reap the savings!

Once upon a time, the faster I could get out of the supermarket, the better.  I used to walk as fast as I could up and down the aisles with my blinkers firmly on, grabbing whatever I needed as I strode past throwing it in the trolley.  However, my partner changed all that.

When my partner and I first started shopping together, he drove me nuts – he used to “dawdle” up and down every aisle, examining everything!   I would go to grab the laundry detergent that I always bought and he’d say “hang on, how much is in that packet?”, “it’s a 1.5 kilo, the one we always get” I’d reply impatiently.  Then he would point out that the 1.5 kilo packet was $4.50, whereas the 3 kilo packet of the same brand was only $6 – which works out to just $3 per 1.5 kilos – therefore the 3 kilo packet was the much better buy.

I have since learned, that you’ll find this kind of price per weight difference all over the supermarket!  If you already knew this without someone having to point it out – congratulations, you’re a natural frugal shopper.  For those of you, like me, who never thought about it before, this is going to open up a whole new world!

For instance, you might find that two 150 gram tins of something are cheaper to buy that one 300 gram tin.  This is particularly true with soft drinks – when you work out the price based on “per litre” you’ll often find that what was the most affordable size to buy last week, is not the one to buy this week.

Not being strong at mental maths (unlike my partner, the human calculator), I used the calculator on my mobile phone to work out any sums that had me stumped and now I wouldn’t dream of NOT doing it.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to switch brands to save money at the supermarket, you may just need to switch sizes.

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