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Propagate and Save

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Money doesn’t grow on trees – and luckily growing trees doesn’t have to cost you money either!  To save money in the garden all you need is a set of secateurs, some potting mix and a little patience.

A couple of years ago, my partner decided he wanted a hedge along our fence (it’s a neighbour thing, don’t ask!).  To hedge just 3 metres of fence was going to take about 18-20 hedging plants, which adds up pretty quickly.  Solution: propagate!  

We were given a couple of plants as a gift, off which we snipped quite a few cuttings, dipped them in a rooting compound, popped them in some potting mix and waited.  Result:  one low cost hedge (that is now some 6 feet high).  Of course, we didn’t get all 20 plants from just those two plants, we did buy some more – but I’m guessing we saved two thirds of the price.

Friends are a great source of cuttings – I’ve never had anyone refuse to let me take a snip.  Of course, if no one in your circle of friends and neighbours has the plant you’re after, if you’re feeling really cheeky, you could always knock on someone’s door.  Or alternatively, head for the nursery.  I suggest you take a look at this recent clip from Gardening Australia to see just how easy propagation can be.

And if you’d like to save on the cost of seedlings there are two options:

  • Buy seeds instead – they may cost around the same as a seedling, however you get hundreds of seeds in a packet instead of just 6-8 plants in a punnet.
  • Harvest your seeds from fruit and vegetables.  By doing this you may never have to buy seedlings or seed packets again!

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to garden in it.  Happy propagating!

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