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Negotiating on Price – Honing the Haggle

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown
The haggle
The haggle

If you want to save money successfully, it pays to be able to haggle.  If you’re not a natural negotiator (not many of us are), here are some tips on getting the best deal.

I’ve mentioned before, often the best way to get a better price is simply ASK!  To which many reply, “but what do I actually say?”   Well, here’s some advice from the Queens of Quibble - Cath Armstrong and Lea-Anne Brighton.  

These tips are extracted from their book “Debt free, Cashed up and Laughing – The Cheapskates Way to Living the Good Life”, or you can also visit

1. Know What You Want – Research your item and the price at different stores.
2. Know Your Limit – Set your budget and stick to it (taking into account delivery times and charges)
3. Always Be Polite and Friendly – salespeople don’t want to work with aggressive or unfriendly people.
4. Be Prepared to Haggle – e.g.

How much for cash?

Do you off a seniors discount? (if it applies)

Could you please ask your manager if he could do a better price so that I could buy this today?

Are you sure this is the best price?

Can you give me free delivery / installation, etc.?

5. Always be appreciative of a discount.

The book also touches on the point “Find the Store Manager (or a helpful salesperson who asks the manager)”.   I would recommend you choose someone with experience – not the student who only works there on Saturday mornings.  This is because you want someone with good knowledge of the product and who has good communication skills (no offence kids), and you need to talk to someone who is authorised to bargain, otherwise it could take quite a while.

The only thing I would add to this is, is be prepared to walk away.  There are so many electrical stores out there competing for your dollar, if you get a “no” in one store, don’t give up, you’re bound to get what you want at another.

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