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Money on the Side - Second Income Ideas

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Before you get to save money – you’ve got to have it in the first place.  If you want to increase the dollars coming in, here are some good old-fashioned ways to make extra cash!  And there’s not an email / internet work from home scam in sight.

Join the Army Reserve – both NZ’s Territory Force and the Australian Army Reserve offers a great way to earn a decent second income and quite possibly change your life!

Umpiring Sport – This is a great way to give back to the sport you love and get paid doing what you love.

Teach a Course / Become a Tutor
– If you have a trade/skill or talent (a second language perhaps), there can be good money made teaching this skill through Community Centres as well as tutoring private students.

Massage – Take a massage course and then hire yourself out to work mates, friends and acquaintances.  (Bearing in mind that you should check out any insurance you might need.)

IT Help – Are you always being asked to fix your mate’s/mother’s/boss’ computer in your spare time.  Start charging!

Mow lawns / landscaping – if you love getting your hands dirty and you’ve done all you can do to your own backyard – start earning dollars by working in someone else’s.

Call Centres / Supermarkets
– Many businesses have after hours jobs that could fit around your current position.

– if you thought you left this one behind in high school, think again!  There’s money to be made minding little one’s so their parents can get some time to themselves.

Pet Sit – People are spending more and more on their pets and for those who can’t stand the thought of their little Fifi in the kennel you could be the perfect solution!

Don’t forget there is also the option of simply walking into your boss and asking for a payrise OR keeping your eye on the job ads for a more lucrative opportunity!

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