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Let Us Save You Money on your Food Bill

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

For starters, “let us” save you on lettuce!  OK, apologies for the poor pun.  But while we’re on bad jokes, you’d have to agree the price on a simple lettuce is not very funny either.  The shelf price on lettuce in NZ has risen by over a dollar in 12 months and the price of a bag of “gourmet salad mix” in Australian supermarkets is regularly $5 (well, the price tag says $4-99, but you’re not getting that one cent back are you?!).Lettuce in a simple salad

If you’re anything like me – it’s not uncommon for half of that to go to waste, when we couldn’t consume it all within the first three days of getting it home.  The thought of this is even worse if you don’t have a compost bin!

Luckily, the solution is so diabolically simple you will likely slap yourself in the middle of the forehead when you hear it.   Grow you own.    All you need is soil and sun and you’re in business!

A quick trip to the local hardware and garden centre to pick up some lettuce seedlings will set you back even less than a single lettuce from the supermarket.  Yet, within just a few weeks, you will have six lettuces (give or take).    Then, you can simply harvest the leaves as you need them - choose the Salad Mix seedlings so you can have your own home grown gourmet garden blend.   With regular harvesting, you should be able to enjoy your crop for at least four to six weeks!  

If you’ve got any concerns or questions about growing lettuce in your part of the world (particularly in winter), there are plenty of websites, for instance, where you can get advice and connect with other gardeners on how to get growing!

Not only can you not get any fresher - just imagine how much you’ll be saving at the supermarket.  Plus the feeling that you get, when you walk out to your own backyard or balcony planter box and pick produce that you’ve grown yourself, is unbeatable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my mignonettes are calling.

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