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Keeping Track of Your Savings

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Money - how to get it, how to save it, how to manage it is on the minds of millions around the world.  So if you’ve made the decision to get out of the red and into the black there are many ways to help you track your progress.

The key to any savings plan is a budget - from a simple hand-written piece of paper that lists your income and your expenses, to a basic spreadsheet that does your calculations for you, to an advanced multi-layered piece of budgeting software that will graph your progress from all points of view.

Before you decide to pay for software that may or may not work for your situation – why not take a look at the free options available to you online.

One of the newest free online spending trackers is Pocketsmith (now in it’s final beta testing stage).  You simply create a login and can manage your money online.  

You can enter your forecast spending and monitor it against your actual spending, list your money saving goals and see whether you are on track to achieving them – you can also upload your transactions via OFX, QIF or CSV statements from your bank to save time and ensure accuracy.

The thought of uploading your personal finances online may make some people a little nervous – however, every single page on the Pocketsmith site is “https”, for other not-so-IT-savvy people like myself it means every page is secure and encrypted.

Of course, if you don’t have the right motivation to save, no amount of software, spreadsheets and notebooks will help you achieve your goal.  But if you’re determined to win your war on debt and willing to invest the time, then sites like Pocketsmith are fantastic tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

Do you have a system / software or online service that works for you?  It costs nothing to share it right here, so please feel free!

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