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It’s HOW not WHAT this Mothers Day

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Although the world is “economically-troubled” at the moment, for many of us, there is still not too much that we don’t have or can’t buy if we want.  So when your mother says those annoying words - “I’ve got all I want” - she’s probably telling the truth.   So it’s not WHAT you buy this Mothers Day, but HOW you give it.

This suggestion is not only frugal, it’s thoughtful, and is likely to be remembered for years to come:

The WHAT – Lottery Tickets or Scratch-It Lottery Tickets.

The HOW – Instead of just tucking them into the card – why not hide them around the house where she’ll find them, attaching a note to each one, thanking her for all the things she does or used to do for you.  

Firstly, write a cryptic note on the card about “how LUCKY you are to have a mother like her”, then start hiding!  For instance:

  • Pop one in the coffee cup she always uses, and thank her for getting you up every morning.  
  • Pop one in the pocket of a pair of jeans in the laundry so she finds it (well, hopefully) when she does the washing and thank her for taking care of you.
  • Stick one to the steering wheel of her car and thank her for driving you everywhere.
  • Tape one to the underside of the television remote and tell her it’s all hers for the day!

Use your imagination - just think of all the things she does each day and places around the house she is sure to go!  Instead of lottery tickets you could also use wrapped chocolates, with one chocolate in each place, or even flowers from the garden.

Remember, it’s not WHAT, but HOW.

One last thing, on behalf of mothers everywhere, the Golden Rule on Mother’s Day is : Never buy your mother an appliance, unless she specifically asked for it.

Happy Mothers Day ladies!

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