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Here’s to Saving Money on Alcohol!

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Throwing a dinner party, hosting a wedding reception, getting the team over to watch the big game or just wanting to save some money on your nightly glass of red with dinner, why not shout yourself a new hobby?

People have been home brewing alcohol about as long as there have been people!   The trouble is it’s always tasted like home brew.  In the not too distant past, if you popped into someone’s place and they offered you a home brewed beer, it was a nerve-wracking experience!  Would it taste like dishwater?  Look like it came from a swamp?  Of course, after the first glass knocked you on your ear, it didn’t seem to matter quite as much!

Thankfully, those days are gone (for the most part).   The brew blends on the market these days, often taste just like your favourite drop and the technology has improved too!  There’s also much less chance of you blowing the shed roof off which exploding bottles (aah, those were the days!).

But it’s not just beer you can brew, wine kits are also available.   Some kits are so simple, that all you do is add water and in as little five days you can be toasting your success with your very own vintage.   Of course, if you’re palate is a little more finely tuned, perhaps abstaining and saving until you can afford a “real” bottle might be preferable.  But if you’re not a wine snob, then why not give it a go! (You could always give it away as gifts!)

These days you can home brew beer, wine, liquers and spirits – so whatever your “poison” there’s a good chance you can give it a crack at home.

By the way, if you enjoy a little “Irish Cream” – then you’ll find recipes all over the net, in fact here’s one I prepared earlier -

Bottoms up!

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