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Frugal McDougall vs Lavish McTavish

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

In a wee Scottish village far, far away, lived two clans – the McDougalls and the McTavishs. This is their story.  Funnily enough, it’s also your story and you get to decide how it ends.  (I feel a parable coming on!)

Lavish McTavish was from the “big end” of the village.  He never gave much thought to tomorrow and it seemed like he had a bottomless sporran.  He wanted to give his family whatever they wanted in the world.  And if he didn’t have his own money, he’d use someone else’s – often borrowing from his generous neighbour Jack McWestpac.

At night, you could pick Lavish’s house a mile away – it always had the lights blazing in every room.

At the other end of town, lived Frugal McDougall - not much to his name, except a modest income and a plan - to take his family to SEE the world.

Frugal knew exactly how much it would cost and how long it would take him to save it.   He also knew HOW he would achieve it – with his family’s help and just a few dollars at a time.  

So when no one was in a room the lights were off, appliances were turned off at the wall.   They knew what was in the pantry and the freezer and they planned their meals around it.  They bought in bulk where they could and waited for specials.  They grew their own veges.  They made their own cleaning products from simple household ingredients.  Whenever anyone got a fifty cent piece, they would put it into a special jar.  Whenever they thought they’d like to buy something, they waited 24 hours to see if the urge wore off once they’d cooled down.  They used these and whatever other tips they could find.

Finally, in fact, much sooner than they expected – Frugal McDougall and his clan with a plan, were off to see the world!

Unfortunately, at the other end of town, Jack McWestpac got sick of Lavish McTavish borrowing money and not paying it back - sued his kilt off and took his house.

So the moral of the story?    Was pretty clear, I would have thought. 

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