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Frugal Living to a T

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

As the change in season approaches and shorts and t-shirts are replaced with jeans and jumpers, it’s a great time for frugal living aficionado’s to do a quick wardrobe audit.   Here are some tips on redeploying your no-longer-wearables.


  • Cut off the sleeves and sew up the raw ends to create dusting mitts for around the house.  If the t-shirt is really thinning, put one inside the other to thicken up.
  • Create pillow protectors with the rest of the t-shirt (depending on size), sew up the arm holes and neck opening, sew on press studs at the open end.  Or if it’s still good enough, it could make a very cool pillow case or cushion cover.
  • Turn them into car polishing cloths.
  • Cobweb cleaners.  Put over the end of your broom for those hard-to-reach cobwebs up high, under beds/couches and behind furniture.


  • Create a cool pencil case.  If you have dress shorts with zipper, cut off the leg cuffs in line with the crotch (just like t-shirt sleeves, save the cut-offs, sew up one end and use as dusting mitts).  Sew up the legs, and at the waist and you’ve got your self a pencil case with the fly as the opening.  Pop note pads, sticky tape and scissors into pockets.
  • Funky Cushions.  Great for teenager’s rooms and rumpus rooms.  Cut and sew as per pencil case, and stuff with some Hobby Fill from your local craft shop.  Or leave the legs on for an even more off the wall effect.
  • Jeans and trousers that won’t make it another winter can be used as patches for other pairs.
  • Plastic bag storers. Trouser legs are ready-made plastic bag storers, just thread some elastic through the cuff at the bottom, hem and add a hanging loop at the top and stuff with all your plastic bags ready to re-use as rubbish bags.

That’s just the start of how you can re-use your old clothes – I’m sure there are many many more.   Plus you’ll be enjoying the feeling of being able to open the wardrobe and put your hand on something to wear without having to rummage!

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