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Frugal Living Checklist II

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Have you really made a commitment to frugal living, or do you just think you have?  Here are a few more frugal living habits you might like to adopt to save some money or some time.

  1. Have you given your mortgage a health-check lately?  Many fee-free mortgage brokers will be happy to check that your home loan is the right loan for you.  It costs you nothing to check and is worth doing every 12 months.
  2. Do you buy your meat in bulk, separate into meal-size portions and freeze?  Have you considered buying a whole side of beef/pork/lamb between friends to split the meat and the savings?
  3. Do you turn your appliances off at the wall when not in use?  OK, this one  was in the first checklist as well – but it’s really quite important!  Appliances like plasma televisions and second fridges can silently suck a lot of your power and your savings.
  4. Are you teaching your children the value of money?  Do they have to earn their pocket money and budget for the things that they want?
  5. Do you make your own pizza instead of ordering takeaway?  Generic brand pizzas can be picked up for much less than the cost of a chain-store pizza and “beefed” up with ingredients from your fridge.
  6. Do you freeze your bread, taking out only the slices you need when you need them?  They defrost in minutes and are as fresh as the day you bought the loaf!
  7. Are you growing your own veges?  Even apartment dwellers can grow their own tomatoes, spring onions and herbs in pots on the balcony or in the courtyard.
  8. Have you considered learning a craft/skill to earn a second income on the side?  Taking a stall at your local market before holidays like mothers day,  fathers day and Christmas could be a great earner.
  9. Do you visit the library instead of the bookstore for reading material?
  10. Have you been putting away $2 a day for a Christmas fund?  I started mine on January 1 and it’s now up to $102. (Yes, my apologies for the bragging, I am feeling a little smug.)

Keep up the good work all you Frugal McDougall’s out there.   May the 50% off sales be with you!

How to save money and live more frugally

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