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Frugal Fancy Dress

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

There’s no doubt fancy dress makes for a great party - there’s nothing quite like the escapism of dressing up and becoming your favourite film star for the night.   However, hiring professional costumes can get mighty expensive.  Here are a couple of costumes that won’t cost a lot!

The best way to save on your costume – is use your network!  Let your family/work mates/friends know you’re going to a party, there’s a good chance that many of them will have an old hat, or a blonde wig or some other amazing piece that will set your costume off to a t!

For the guys:

1. Indiana Jones – all you need is a hat, jacket, khaki shirt, a whip (a stick with a piece of rope would do!) and a 3 day growth might top it off nicely.

2. Steve Irwin
- The late great wildlife warrior is so easy and with such a huge personality, lots of fun to play.   You just need khaki shorts and shirt, short blonde wig (optional) and some kind of stuffed wildlife, like a plastic croc.

3. James Bond – tuxedo and plastic gun (optional - carry around martini glass with an olive).

For the girls:

1. Bonnie (from the infamous Bonnie & Clyde) – a tight skirt, fitted vest, a beret and a fake gun and you’re done.  Your man can throw on a suit, grab a violin case and a fedora and you’re an instant outlaw couple.

2. Monica Seles – pop on a tennis outfit (perhaps a blonde wig), grab a racquet and grunt alot!

3. Hilary Clinton – a short blonde wig and a business suit.   (You might like to practice your American accent as well.)

4. Helen of Troy – make a flowing toga out of a white sheet – add a gold ribbon above the waist to create a princess bodice.  Create gold arm bands, bracelets and hair accessories from the gold ribbon, curl your hair (or find a long curly wig) and take along a toy ship!

Have a great night!

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