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Everyday Saving with the World Wide Web

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

If you want to save money – you’re already in the perfect position to do it, right in front of your computer with a world of information and money saving features at your fingertips.  Are you making the most of what the web has to offer in the way of saving money?

Here is a checklist to see if you’re making the most of what’s at your fingertips:

  • Have you explored the free options for money management software, like Pocketsmith Beta?  Knowing where your money is and where it goes is possibly THE most powerful savings tool there is.
  • Do you research your purchases on the net?  This saves you time and shoe leather and makes you a much more knowledgeable customer – which in turn gives you an extra advantage when you want to negotiating a better price with a salesperson.
  • Do you check sites like eBay, Trade Me and other online auction sites to see if you can find an item more cheaply online?
  • Are you using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)?  VOIP phones are quite cheap these days, and programs like Skype makes talking to people all over the world easy and free!
  • Are you using webcam?  Again, programs like Skype and Windows Live Messenger mean you can communicate face to face over the internet for free.   So why on earth are you paying large phone bills?
  • Are you signed up for savings forums?  Sites like Simple Savings that share money saving tips between members can save you literally thousands of dollars per year and help motivate you to stick with your savings diet.
  • Have you shopping around for your internet connection costs?  Ask your friends what deal they get on their ISP, contact your ISP to see if they can do you a better deal, do a search and see what’s out there.
  • Check into this blog every week and see what’s on offer (OK, sorry, had to get a cheap plug in there somewhere.)

If you answered “no” to any of the above, why not check it out and see how much you can save?

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