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Do You Hear Wedding Bells or Wedding Bills?

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Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose

Getting married can be a very exciting time and couples often tend to get carried away and lose their sense of reality. 

Emotions run high and this becomes a prime time for wedding planners and specialty companies to hike up the prices and slide in the hidden charges so that you really won’t know what hit you after those wedding bells are done ringing. 

It would help tremendously to set some guidelines as you venture into this uncharted territory and maybe avoid some of the common pitfalls that befall many happy couples on their way to marital bliss.

Experts in the business of wedding strategies suggest many different ways to avoid the high cost of getting married.

•    Talk to your friends who have already been married.  Veterans in the process will have a lot of solid practical advice to give you and you can plan a budget around their tried and true experience.

•    Don’t make your decisions based on your emotions.  This is easier said than done but marriage tends to be an emotionally charged even already.  Extra care to remain rational in terms of your budget will be very important in oder that you don’t get cheated in the process.

•    Agree together on a solid budget and stick to it.  Making a promise for the rest of your life to stay together should also mean you can keep a smaller promise to budge your wedding.  Prove your love for each other by following through on the plan you make.

•    Finally, consider the somewhat unique option of having your wedding celebration sponsored by some local business that you approach with a mutual agreement for their profit.  This may sound a bit strange but companies are often looking for a way to break into the market with a good reputation in the business.  Any business that is wedding related might consider this option more seriously than you think.

Of course, these suggestions are only a few of the many things you can do to try and keep your spending down when you finally decide to tie the knot.  With the prospect of beginning your lives together, you don’t want to star out with a mountain of debt and a struggle which leaves you wishing you had been more careful on the first day of the rest of your lives. 

Careful planning and a tendency to remain rational will be the two best things you will do as you set out to have the perfect wedding with memories to last a lifetime!

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