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Are You Really Shopping Around?

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Every frugal shopper, bargain hunter and cheapskate will tell you that it pays to shop around. The only way you’ll KNOW you’ve saved money is if you know the various prices on offer. But just how wide are you casting your net? Perhaps it’s time you joined the global economy!

Not so long ago, my father shouted himself a pre-retirement gift of a golf buggy – a well-earned reward for a lifetime of hard work. This is great for my siblings and I, as it gives us another option when gift-shopping for him i.e. accessories for the golf buggy.

However, we learned very quickly, that golf buggy accessories don’t come cheap! Certainly not in this particular brand and not in Australia New Zealand. A factory stereo for the buggy from the manufacturer was in the hundreds of dollars – it was completely exorbitant and absolutely outrageous!

My partner, being a keen e-shopper got straight on the web and checked out their official site. As it turns out, these same accessories (stereos/drink coolers etc) in the US are a hell of a lot cheaper – even taking in to account the exchange range which can nearly double the price, even taking into account the shipping of the product from the States – the saving over a hundred dollars.

A similar situation occurred when we were looking for a GPS (not a street directory style – rather a plot your course in the wilderness one). Taking both shipping and exchange rate into account, we found it much cheaper in the US.

Whilst I am one for “buying locally” and supporting local industry – many millions of the world’s citizens already do business through site like eBay. My suggestion is that you should never be scared to take your e-shopping just that little bit further afield – just remember to take your currency conversion, postage and delivery times into account.

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