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Aquarius Money Profile

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose

Typically, Aquarians are not known for being big money making individuals, but there are always great exceptions to the rule.  Tip the odds in your favor by being aware of the problems you may encounter with your personality.

The unorthodox nature of an Aquarian often tends to get in the way of their more dependable moneymaking qualities.  Aquarians often like to be different and find alternatives rather than going with tried and true methods of making money.

Aquarians can help themselves sidestep this handicap by simply recognising it and opting for the tried and true. Unless an alternative strategy jumps out at you and literally screams for attention, leave those unorthodox strategies alone and stick with the basics when it comes to money.

Once you follow this advice, your ability to be non-judgmental and objective will certainly be very helpful when it comes to making decisions about your finances.  This is a quality that Aquarians have in abundance, but is most helpful when you avoid the tendency to seek out the strange and unorthodox.

Look toward your assets, Aquarius, rather than your defects.  This is the best advice you will hear when it comes to your astrological tendencies. If you follow this advice in the coming year, your financial life is likely to improve immeasurably.  

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