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Adorable, Affordable Christmas Gifts Under $20

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

The number one rule of gift shopping on a budget is SHOP EARLY.    The closer you get to Christmas, the less time you have, the more desperate you become and the more likely you are to blow your budget on something, ANYTHING that will cross one more name off your list.    I know, because I have given in to the last minute gift grab on many a Christmas and felt the financial pain well into the New Year.Cheap Gift Ideas

The other angst is – will they like it?

Having just recently surveyed over 170 women for an article on what they want for Christmas –  a very strong theme emerged – it really is, cliché or not, the thought that counts.  That means, they really appreciated it when they could see that people had really thought about the gift.

So, rather than spending dollars on gifts that will end up in the back of a cupboard, spend some time instead.  This is also another very good reason you should start early!

Here are three gift ideas to get you started, all doable under $20 (possibly well under depending on where you shop) – and with just a little time and effort can be turned into something that money just can’t buy.

1)    The Gift:    Lolly/Sweets Jar -  buy a clear pickling jar at your local discount store, you can get them for just a couple of bucks and then fill it to the brim with M & M’s, jelly beans or other confectionery that comes in different colours, and wrap a ribbon around the lid.

The Extra Thought:
Arrange the lollies so it spells out their name in one colour.  Remember sand sculptures?    And if that sounds a little too hard, buy some wrapped lollies, using craft glue to stick them to the inside of the jar in the shape of their name and then just pour in the other lollies around it!

2)    The Gift:  A personalised calendar.  You can download a calendar template from Microsoft Office Online and replace the pics with your own personal photos of family or something more abstract/artistic.  Print on good quality card and voila!

The Extra Thought:  Mark important dates in the calendar for them.   Birthdays, anniversaries, if they follow sport mark the dates of the finals, mark in days that you would like to spend with them e.g. “Lunch with Ruth”, “Barbeque at the Brown’s – call to organise”.

3)    The Gift:  Blank picture canvases are super affordable from discount stores.   Buy some paint and go Picasso!   Abstract and geometrical shapes, stripes etc are easily created and make great decorator pieces.

The Extra Thought:  Choose tones that are complimentary to a particular room in their home.

As you work on creating these gifts for the people you care about, you never know, you may just run into the true meaning of Christmas on your way.  Enjoy!

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