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A Girl's Guide To Breaking Bad Money Habits

Zoe George
Zoe George

Shopping, it’s a favourite pastime of many New Zealand women, yours truly included.

Many of us find it difficult to walk past our favourite store without checking out those gorgeous shoes in the window, or that sexy sweater that would look great on our man.

So how do we break bad money habits and start living the life of luxury (even if we aren’t wearing the latest pair of Jimmy Choos?).

First and foremost, pay off bills and debts first.

Second, set up an automatic payment to a savings account, making the transfer as soon as you get paid.   Then – don’t touch the money in the account (unless you need it for an emergency).

Also try setting up a separate account for bills. Ensure you budget enough for power, food and telephone expenses. You don’t want to be caught short at the end of the month.

Thirdly talk to an expert about your money goals.

Find a banking consultant, budget advisor or even a friend or family member who is good with money and help you manage your finances.

Make sure you write down your money goals and try your best to stick to them. Talk to someone about how you can maintain realistic goals.

And lastly, have a good support base. Whether it’s from the girls or your family, support is essential. Sometimes we need someone to tell us that having the latest Guess handbag isn’t absolutely necessary.  

If you’re spending time with the girls it can be hard to resist temptation and we normally flock to the local mall to do coffee and shop for bargains. Instead of spending cash find other ways to keep occupied that don’t deplete your bank account.

•    Head out for a coffee: Try and find a café away from shopping areas, which takes away the temptation to shop for unnecessary items.

•    Head down to the park and find a nice spot in the sun with a good book. Take your shoes off and feel the grass on your feet, it is an amazing sensation and can also take the stress out of your working day.

•    Go for a walk. Grab a work buddy and walk around the block.  Exercise releases endorphins, the same ones that are released when making a spontaneous purchase. Walking is so much better for you and won’t get you into debt!

Also consider leaving the credit card at home. You will survive without it.

And if you still want those Jimmy Choos or the latest handbag, make sure you budget for it, because lets face it, we all deserve something nice from time to time.

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