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A Frugal Living Tip for Every Room in the House

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Are you living frugally in every room in the house?   Here are some habits, trips and tricks you might like to adopt.

On their own, they mightn’t make you a millionaire – but every little bit counts!

Kitchen – Keep all your egg cartons and empty jars and send them to the shed for storage of screws and nails – no more wasting dollars on ridiculously overpriced storage draws and stacks.  

Bathroom – When towels have become worn, fold them in half and sew the sides together, sew several rows of stitches about 2 inches apart all along the fabric to create a “quilted” effect for a perfectly good bath mat.  Or make it a toilet mat by cutting out to the shape of the pedestal.

Toilet – Mix lemon juice or your favourite fragrance in a water bottle, set it to mist and voila, one cheap as chips very effective air freshener.  

Bedroom – If you’ve got a second tv in the bedroom, sell it!  Your bedroom should be as quiet, dark and peaceful as possible to promote better sleep – you’ll save on electricity plus have the extra bucks from the sale of the idiot box.

Laundry – Perspiration stains causing headaches?  Aspirin could be answer.  Dissolve a number of aspirin in a cup of hot water and pour over the stain.  Rub and rinse.

Living Room – don’t send those newspapers to the recycling bin, recycle them in your own garden.  Open them up and soak them in water, to use a weed matting under mulch or shred them and add to the compost – the worms will love you!

Shed – See “Kitchen” above.

Now, if any of these left you thinking “Hah!  I’ve got something better than that!” then please don’t be shy, feel free to share your frugal intelligence with everyone by leaving a comment below.  That way, we’ll all be richer for it!

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